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International Conference
"Impacts and their role in the Evolution of Life"
Tällberg, Siljan area, Sweden, 10 - 13 June 2019

The schedule of the conference can be downloaded as a .pdf file by clicking on this link.

General features
Topics covered by the conference will range from the role of impacts in the early history of the Solar System over impacts physics, the characterisation of impactors (asteroids, meteorites, comets etc) and impact sites to the role impacts could have played in the emergence and evolution of life and their possible threat to life on Earth. Two further important aspects will be discussed: the geoconservation of impact sites as well as the use of impacts in education and outreach in order to get the general public interested in science. Thus, the topic of by the meeting will be covered in both the scientific and social aspects. The conference will consist of 3 lecture days including a poster session as well as one day for an excursion to geologically interesting sites in the Siljan impact crater area. The following themes will be discussed the conference:

  • Impacts, the Early History of the Solar System and the Formation of the Moon
  • Late Accretion and Delivery of Volatiles to the (early) Earth
  • Physical and Chemical Characterisations of Impactors (meteorites, comets etc.)
  • Identification and Exploration of Impact Features
  • Atmospheric Chemistry and Impacts of Micrometeorites
  • Ecological and Climatic Consequences of Impacts
  • Impacts as Threats for Life and Humankind
  • Impact Craters and Impact Hydrothermal Systems as Habitats for Life
  • Geoconservation of Impact Areas
  • Impacts as Subjects for Science Education and Outreach

Each of the subjects named above will be covered by a session. An additional session will be reserved for miscellaneous subjects which are difficult to group under one of the themes. Each thematic session will consist of a keynote lecture (35 minutes + 10 minutes discussion) and 2-3 contributed talks (15 minutes + 5 minutes discussion) selected from the submitted abstracts by the Scientific Committee of the conference. Keynote lectures will be delivered by the following researchers:

Natalia Artemieva, Planetary Science Institute, USA
Antoine Bercovici, Smithsonian Institiution, USA
Charles Cockell, University of Edinburgh, UK
Jamie Elsila , NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre, USA
Cecile Engrand, INPN, France
Anna Losiak, University of Exeter, UK
Bernard Marty , CNRS, France
Steven Mojzsis, University of Boulder, Colorado, USA
Gordon Osinski, Western University, Canada
Gisela Pösges, Geopark Ries, Germany
Wolf Uwe Reimold, University of Brasilia, Brazil

Poster session
The poster session will be held on Monday, 10 June 2019. Poster dimensions will be published in due course, but DIN A0 in portrait format will thus be allright.

Participants will be allowed a 4 minutes presentation for their posters (no discussion). The presentation will take place in the lecture room "Hjortnäs" at Dalecarlia Hotell. Powerpoint slides can be used. For a smooth run of these poster talks, they are asked to bring their talks on a memory stick or CD-ROM.

Conference excursion
A full-day's excursion to geological field sites related to the Siljan impact (e.g. Styggforsen waterfall area) and other geologically intersting locations (e.g. the Falu copper mine) will be organised on Wednesday 12 June. The prorgramme will include:

The excursion fee of SEK 1000,- (paid in cash upon registration) includes: Entrance fee and guided tours to Falun Copper Mine and Carl Larsson House, lunch at "Hyttstugan" Restaurant, dinner att boat "Slussbruden" and transportation.

Styggforsen waterfall Carl Larsson house Slussbruden boat