1st International Workshop on Education in Astrobiology

Höör, Sweden, 6- 9 June 2013




A (hopefully) final schedule of the programme can be downloaded as .xls file from this link or as .doc file here.

Aim of the Meeting

The meeting aims to bring together scientists and teachers engaged in astrobiology education on universities and other training institutions to

  • discuss new teaching and assesment forms in astrobiology
  • foster international cooperation in astrobiology teaching
  • give the attendants a thorough overview of the field.

Training students in such a multidisciplinary subject implies a lot of challenges and pitfalls, both in the set-up and organization of the course, choice of lecturers and literature, grading of students as well as the necessity of new teaching methods. The conference will not only serve as forum for exchange of ideas and experiences, but also as a starting point for a long-term international collaboration in astrobiology teaching. Furthermore, the meeting will produce a set of videotaped lectures that can be used as a reference for institutions organizing astrobiology courses.

Confirmed lecturers and round table participants

Jeff Bennett, Jeff Bennett, University of Colorado / Big Kid Science, USA
Linda Billings, George Washington University, USA
José Cernicharo, Centro de Astrobiología, Madrid, Spain
Gerda Horneck, DLR, Germany
David Dunér, Lunds Universitet, Sweden
Muriel Gargaud , Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Bordeaux,CNRS-Université Bordeaux 1, France
Olivier Grasset, Université de Nantes, France
Lisa Holmström, Rymdgymnasiet Kiruna, Sweden
Emmanuelle Javaux, Université de Liège, Belgium
Purificación López-Garcia, Université Paris Sud, France
Hervé Martin, Université Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand, France
Pierre-Alain Monard, Syddansk Universitet, Denmark
Alessandro Morbidelli, Observatoire de Côte d' Azur, Nice, France
Hans Olofsson, Onsala Rymdobservatoriet, Sweden
Daniele Pinti, Université de Quebec à Montreal, Canada
Heike Rauer, DLR Berlin, Germany
Kepa Ruiz-Mirazo, Euskal Herriko Unibersitatea, Bilbo, Euskadi
Wolf Geppert, Stockholm University Astrobiology Centre

Meeting venue

The conference will take place at Åkersberg Herrgård in Höör, Skåne in Southern Sweden. The venue is only a 400m walk from Höör railway station. From Höör station there are direct railway connections to Copenhagen Airport every hour during daytime and the journey takes only 50 minutes. The event will start on Thursday, June 6 in the morning (arrival of participants will be on Wednesday 5 June in the evening) and finish on Sunday June 9 evening (departure of participants will be on Monday June 10 after breakfast).Please see the Venue & Access page for details.

Scope of attendees

The meeting is open to interested scientists and teachers all over the world. However, invitations for visa applications can only be issue to invited speakers and invited participants.


The meeting is co-organised by the Nordic Network of Astrobiology, the Societé Francaise d'Exobiologie, and the Centro de Astrobiología.

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee consists of:

Muriel Gargaud, Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Bordeaux,CNRS-Université Bordeaux 1, France

Michele Montgomery, University of Central Florida, USA

Eduardo Martín, INTA-CSIC, Centro de Astrobiologá, Spain

Wolf Geppert, Stockholm University Astrobiology, Sweden

The organisers are looking forward to welcoming you at the conference. See you in Höör in June 2013 !

Deadline for registration and accommodation booking is the 30 April 2013

Välkommen till Höör !