Joint Meeting of the Nordic Network of Astrobiology and the Centre of Geobiology
Bergen, Norway, 20 - 22 May 2014

General information

Two big questions are at the centre of research regarding the emergence of life on Earth and the possibility of life in the universe: (a) is there life on other celestial bodies? and (b) when did life first appear on Earth ? To throw light on these questions, reliable methods for the detection of life using unambiguous biosignatures are essential. In this respect huge progress has been made during the last years. For example, new space missions like ECHO are planned to characterise atmospheres of exoplanets and sophisticated methods for detecting life in ancient geological formations have been developed. This meeting will to bring together astronomers, geologists, biologists and other interested scientists to share interdisciplinary approaches to detect signs of life on early Earth and other celestial bodies (including exoplanets) and to elucidate the environmental limits and origins of life.

The meeting is co-organised by the Nordic Network of Astrobiology and the Centre of Geobiology at the University of Bergen and will take place from 20 to 22 May 2014 at the Egget Auditorium at the University of Bergen. For further information about the event, accesss the relevant webpages in the menu bar above.

Conference organisers are Drs. Nicola McLoughlin and Eugene Grosch (University of Bergen, local hosts) and Dr. Wolf Geppert (Stockholm University, coordinator of the Nordic Network of Astrobiology)

The final programme can be downloaded as .doc file and .pdf file by clicking on these links.

Confirmed invited speakers

Janice Bishop, SETI, USA
Martin Brasier, Oxford University, UK
Kathy Campbell, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Chris German, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA
Charles Cockell, University of Edinburgh, UK
Robert Hazen, Carnegie Institution of Washington, USA
Jes Jørgensen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Nikku Madhusudhan, University of Cambridge, UK
John Parkes, Cardiff University, UK
John Parnell, University of Aberdeen, UK
Mark Sephton, Imperial College, UK
Xander Tielens, Leiden University, The Netherlands
J. Hunter Waite, South West Research Institute, USA
Frances Westall, CNRS, Orleans, France
Martin Whitehouse, Natural History Museum, Stockholm, Sweden


Scientific sessions are planned for the following subjects:

  • Formation and detection of complex molecules in the interstellar medium
  • Organic molecules in planetary and satellite atmospheres
  • Remote Sensing of Planetary Surfaces
  • Characterisation of exoplanets and their atmospheres
  • Meteroite Bombardment and Prebiotic Chemistry on the Hadean Earth
  • Early Earth Habitable Environments: Oceans, Atmosphere & Crustal Growth
  • Earliest Fingerprints for Life on Earth
  • Impacts and their role in the evolution transfer and possible detection of life
  • Biomineralisation & life in sediments
  • Deep Sea Hydrothermal Vents & Biomarkers from Subseafloor Life
  • Archea & Biomarkers for Life in Extreme Environments

Scope of the meeting

The meeting is open to all interested scientists. However, the organisers will not issue any invitations for participants to obtain visa for attending the meeting.

Velkommen til Bergen !