Nordic Network of Astrobiology
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Nordic Network of Astrobiology

Towards a Nordic Research and Training Area in Astrobiology

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For all enquiries concerning the Network please contact the Network coordinator:
Wolf D. Geppert,
Stockholm University,
tel. +46 8 55378649,
fax +46 8 55378601.

Aims of the Nordic Network of Astrobiology

The Nordic Network of Astrobiology is a network of universities, other higher education institutions and research entities in the Nordic and Baltic Countries. Its aims to

Funding and duration

No membership fees are charged. The Nordic Network of Astrobiology will apply for financial support for its activities from national and international research funding bodies. It is the duty of all teams to take part in this. The coordination group decides about the allocation of funds. Generally, it is expected that teams fund their own research activities and their participation in the Network, unless the Coordination group decides otherwise.


Currently 19 research institutions are part of the network. 16 are located in the 5 different Nordic Countries. We have also one Estonian, one Lithuanian and one US institution. Furthermore the Nordic Network is an Affiliated Partner of the NASA Astrobiology institute since May 2011. For a complete list of the members please explore the menubar on the left. Members of the Coordination Group are listed on the Participants webpage.

Statutes and membership

The statutes of the network containing information about joining it can be downloaded here as .doc and here as a .pdf file.